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Renovation and Addition Projects:  Victorian House Renovation Project

Blue Way Project Blue Way Project
Entrance looking right, 7' "Moon Door" opening
Blue Way Project Blue Way Project
Living room and Parlor room, refinished fireplace
Parlor room and Dining room (through the "Moon Door")
Blue Way Project Blue Way Project
Dining room looking east Dining room looking west

before riverOriginal living room


Perhaps the most daring renovation project of Blue Sky Carpentry.

This Victorian house was built in 1910, and used to host a number of priest brothers for a church in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The entire house was moved from its original site by the Huron river to across the other side of the River Street.

Multiple original hall ways, small rooms with heavy doors, and thresholds were altered/removed to allow better flow of air and light. The original woodwork such as the hand crafted stairways, trim and windows are preserved with their original style and color. The brightened interior prides itself of a 7' diameter "Moon Door" that enables southern light to come into the north facing dining room.



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